Cherry, Almond, and Bergamot

My husband and I are still on our bitters kick, but we may have to take a break and start using up some of the bitters we already have, as there’s not an empty mason jar left in the house.

We just finished a batch flavored with cherry, almond, and bergamot, which turned out considerably sunnier than the typical moody-broody flavors which we mix with rye or bourbon. This batch called for something more vibrant, and having just brought home a box of winter clementines, we were destined to end our evening with this delightful drink.

Bitters - Cherry, Almond, and Bergamot

Sweet Clementine Martini with Cherry – Almond Bitters:

1 overflowing jigger vodka

juice of one clementine or tangerine

about 2 tsp. cherry – almond bitters (alternatively, use a few shakes store-bought cherry bitters and just a drop or two of pure almond extract)

2 tsp. powered sugar (optional)


Shake ingredients vigorously and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with a cherry.

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